Cycling Proficiency
Each year children in Year 5 are given the opportunity to complete a cycling proficiency course.
The lessons take place after school on the playground.
Basic hand signals are taught and the children are instructed on the necessary procedures for travelling safely on the road.

At the end of the course one of the road safety officers comes to test the children.
The lessons take place in a safe environment so it is explained to the children that cycling on the roads is very different and adult guidance should be given on certain roads.

The children enjoy the lessons and also gain an important skill for the future. 


After a year when our Eco Committee have worked hard encouraging the rest of the school to 'go green' we have achieved our aim.

After the success of last year we will be re-using and re-cycling plant pots.    We will be selling the pots as part of our Mother's Day gifts.

Mersey Forest are coming into school to help plant trees in our grounds, most of the children will involved.  

At present we are collecting plastic bottles so Mr Ross can repair our greenhouse ready for the Spring.

The Eco Committee have been monitoring energy use around the school and reading our meters to see if we can reduce our energy cost.

Wildlife Area

We are extending our wildlife area at the end of the playing field so more children can enjoy looking for mini-beast and birds.  Some of the trees we are going to plant with Mersey Forest will hedge this area.

F2 children have been making bird cakes that they have hung in the trees for the birds and squirrels to enjoy.