Cycling Proficiency
Each year children in Year 5 are given the opportunity to complete a cycling proficiency course.
The lessons take place after school on the playground.
Basic hand signals are taught and the children are instructed on the necessary procedures for travelling safely on the road.

At the end of the course one of the road safety officers comes to test the children.
The lessons take place in a safe environment so it is explained to the children that cycling on the roads is very different and adult guidance should be given on certain roads.

The children enjoy the lessons and also gain an important skill for the future. 

After a year when our Eco Committee have worked hard encouraging the rest of the school to 'go green' we have achieved our aim.
In February 2012, a lady came to look around our school. As a result we have been awarded our THIRD Green Flag which is the highest award given by ENCAMS in the Eco Schools programme. 
We are all delighted and feel very proud.


Wildlife Area
The wildlife area was given a makeover. Mr Jones (and Mrs Jones' husband) kindly made a sign to mark our area clearly. Shrubs were either bought or donated from the teachers' gardens and all were planted by the children with the help of Mr Ross, our caretaker.
Many classes have already visited the area in search of mini beasts and have found it's already a haven for creatures of all kinds.
Mrs Brae suggested we should label all the beautiful trees we have in our school grounds to encourage the children to recognise the different types, so this will be one of the issues the new Eco Committee started with. 


Choir Club
Choir Bulletin - Mr Rainsford
A dedicated group who sing beautifully! We have worked very hard on 2 part singing and sang wonderfully at the Oxton St Saviour's Church!
We all showed off our talents by performing two songs with descant parts and enjoyed sharing the music making of other schools.
The children did Oxton St Saviour's proud!

Many thanks to all the children for their enthusiasm and support. 



All aboard for Espanalandia! Grab your passport and enjoy a trip to the magical land where the mysteries of the Spanish Language are discovered!

Our Infants' Spanish Club introduces children to the language in a fun and exciting way; we play games, sing songs and learn new words with our puppet friends Pepe and Lolita. There are rewards of stickers and certificates and the children get the chance to show their classmates and family their new found language skills in school assemblies and presentation ceremonies. Muy Bien.


I like Ju Jitsu because it has good moves and a very good teacher. He teaches us a lot of good moves.

In Jiu-Jitsu we do lots of different moves and occasionally we play games. We wear a white cross-over top with white trousers to match. On our top we wear a badge and around our waist everyone has a different coloured belt to show what grade we are on. We call our Jiu Jitsu teacher ‘Sensi’ and he is really good. 

I enjoy going to Ju-Jitsu as it is a really good sport and we learn how to defend ourselves. 



Tag Rugby
The Tag Rugby is great and I like the coach because he makes it fun.
I liked the way that there is no contact and that nobody gets hurt. 
I like Tag Rugby and hope that I become a professional Tag Rugby player.