In line with the teachings of the Bible, our school positively reinforces the importance of forgiveness, love and faith. Our children are expected to demonstrate high levels of conduct  to reflect these teachings. We see ourselves as a 'school family' which is linked to our wider 'church family'. As such, the staff and children treat each other as one would expect a family member to treat another.


Our Code of Conduct as devised by the children:

  1. Always be polite to others
  2. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.
  3. Be helpful to visitors.
  4. Be responsible for yourself.
  5. Practise good table manners.
  6. Keep the school tidy.
  7. Travel around the school safely.
  8. Be quiet and still when the whistle is blown.
  9. Take pride in your work as well as your behaviour.
  10. Do not interrupt when others are talking
  11. Care for the school pets.


Our school is fully committed to equality of opportunity for all of our staff and children.       

Equality Objectives 2014-17

Equality Policy 2014

To further support accessibility, and to move us forward in our equality objectives, we have secured a substantial grant from Chester Diocese which will allow for much greater accessibility for all children and adults on site. Plans are available for analysis.


All safeguarding Policies and procedures can be found on the chapter entitled 'Policies and Procedures'


Child Protection Officer: Ms G E Pritchard (Headteacher)

In Ms Pritchard's absence: Miss K. Cooke (Deputy Headteacher)


 Our school is dedicated to the safeguarding and protection of children and the promotion of their welfare. Any inappropriate behaviour will be challenged"           

Safeguarding and Child Protection Guidance for Families