Bird watching at Birknhead Park

After a windy start to the week we had perfect weather for our visit to Birkenhead Park.

We were met by park ranger, Hannah, who took us to see the tree where the wood peckers live. We used our 'wolf'ears to listen to the sounds of the park and there were a lot of birds singing to us.

Hannah was very impressed with our knowledge of birds. We could tell her the ways birds are different to mamals and we also knew about birds who migrate.

There were lots of nests in the park. When we looked up into the trees there were lots of sticks woven together. They were very easy to see.

Did you know robin eggs are blue?

We answered some of Hannah's tricky questions to win bird food to feed the ducks. The Canada Geese seemed very hungry and the little moor hens had to push to the front. The swans were enjoying the sunshine and were stretching out their massive wings.

We enjoyed watching cheeky squirrels and Hannah showed us a tree that bats live in.

We finished our morning by playing a circle game with hannah. It helped us to remember four very big words:migration, hibernation , evergreen and deciduous. You can test us on these at home!



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