Experience Pentecost

Our mini key workers found out about the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost as they walked through six prayer stations on Friday.

Like the disciples we have learnt about waiting, waiting to see our friends and extended family, waiting to go out to the cinema or for a meal, waiting for a birthday, waiting to go on holiday.

We found out how the church is not just a building but Christian people and that there is 'church' throughout the world and that pentecost is thought to be the birth day of The Church. 

We discovered how the Holy Spirit made the disciples feel brave and that Peter was able to speak to crowds and to heal a man who couldn't walk.

We discovered the symbols of the Holy Spirit - wind, fire and the gentleness of the dove who brings God's peace to the world.


The teachers in school this week commented that this activity seemed so appropriate at this time. We have all been waiting and longing and hurting and God's reassuring presence and peace is a blessing for us all.

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