Oxton St. Saviour’s Principles of Assessment 

1. Assessment puts the child at the centre of their learning.
2. Assessment is at the heart of high quality and effective teaching and learning for all pupils.
3. Assessment feedback should inspire greater effort and a belief that, through hard work and practice, more can be achieved.
4. Assessment is fair, honest and consistent.
5. Assessment sets consistently high expectations for all learners.
6. Assessment is appropriate, manageable and purposeful.
7. Assessment outcomes provide meaningful and understandable information.
8. Assessment judgements are recorded using a variety of strategies, supported with a range of evidence.

Our Purpose of Assessment

  • To ensure teaching is appropriate and that learners make at least expected progress.
  • To celebrate; help plan next steps in learning; and support analysis of trends, leading to school improvement.
  • To inform discussion and dialogue with pupils, parents/carers, colleagues, school leaders and governors, moderators and assessors.
  • To support transition between year groups, key stages and schools.