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Messy Church  takes place, each month, at St Saviour's Church and invites all primary school aged children to learn more about Jesus and The Bible through a range of fun activities.

Dates for the next Messy Church session will be published on our school newsletter each month. Further information can be obtained from St Saviour's Church. 


All children are invited to attend Sunday School at St Saviour's Church for three weeks each month. On the first Sunday of each term a family service will take place . On this occasion, our school children are encouraged to carry the school banner down the aisle as part of the parade.They are also invited to take part in various aspects of the service including singing, reading prayers and playing musical instruments.

Confirmation Classes

All children in Year Six are offered the opportunity to be confirmed. Classes run for seven weeks commencing in January. These classes are led by members of the clergy at St Saviour's Church. Candidates are normally confirmed by the Bishop of Chester.


Junior Choir

Children from KS2 are invited to join 'Junior Choir' which takes place at St Saviour's Church each Wednesday at 6pm. Further details can be obtained from the Parish Office.

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