Little Acorns

 Come and have fun at Little Acorns! 

We are here to play from 7.45am - 9am & 3.15pm – 5.45pm *every school day 

Morning Session 7.45 am - 9.00 am (£4.50)    

After School Session 3.15 pm - 5.45 pm (£8.50)


Our before and after school club is set up and managed by the Headteacher and the Governing Board of the school.  All policies that relate to the school apply to this setting to continue the values and ethos of the school.  It is available to all Oxton St Saviour’s CE (Aided) Primary School pupils from Foundation Class to Year 6 during term time only excluding INSET days. Our dedicated, qualified staff are here to care for your child and ensure that they are happy and having fun. There are a wide range of activities to take part in including craft activities, organised group games and a wide range of resources to play with.


*On the last day of each term (Christmas, Easter and Summer) school closes at 2.00pm. On these dates Little Acorns closes at 4.15pm. 


From September 2022 bookings can no longer be made via Miss Latters on the clubs mobile phone. Parents must book their child's place on ParentPay providing they have credit in their ParentPay account. Please find listed below FAQ's:


Is there a deadline for bookings/amendments?

Yes. All bookings and changes must be made no later than midnight the night before. Any bookings made after this time will not be regsitered - the reason for this deadline is to ensure the club is adequately staffed and resourced for the following day. 


How far in advance can I book my child's place? 

100 days is the maximum. Parents can choose to book a week ahead, a month, half-termly or termly. As long as there is credit in the account, parents can make bookings. 


How to book a place? 

1.  Log into ParentPay and select the child you wish to make a booking for
2. Select ‘make or view’ bookings
3. Select the session i.e. ‘morning club’ or ‘afterschool club’
4. Select the days you want to book (a summary will be appear bottom of the page)
5. Review the booking summary and select ‘confirm booking’
6. Repeat the process if you would also like to book an ‘afterschool’ sessio

All bookings must be confirmed and paid for within 2 hours of selecting them - failure to do so will result in the bookings being automatically cancelled. 


Do school accept Childcare Vouchers & HMCR TFC payments (tax free childcare)?

Yes. We accept payments from the following childcare voucher providers; Edenred, Fideliti, Bravo Benefits, Computershare, Kiddivouchers and Care-4. If you are registered with a childcare voucher provider, once you make a payment to them, they will send the school office confirmation of this payment. Upon receipt of this notification the school office will then 'credit' the pupil's account as close as reasonably possible to receiving the remittance/notification. If you pay via the HMRC TFC scheme your payment will only be processed if you inform Mrs Mulla with the date of payment and the amount. This is because unfortunately the HMRC scheme do not send receipts to schools.

Please bear in mind that the school office is closed during school holidays, so if voucher or TFC payments are made during the holidays, your account will not be credited until school re-opens. Planning ahead and being in credit at all times is key to ensuring you can book at any time! 


What if I miss the deadline and need to book in an emergency?

We understand that in emergencies late appointments will be required. Please contact the school office in these urgent circumstances on 652-4909 or on 0745894484. Swops, changes or forgetting to book are not considered emergencies and bookings will not be taken in these instances.


What food is provided during the sessions?


AM session:

Cereals, toast, crumpets, jams and fresh fruit

Water and milk

PM session:

Sandwiches, hot dogs, pancakes, crackers and fresh fruit

Water and milk





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