Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Mr A Ramsden - Headteacher/Safeguarding Lead

Miss R Shaw - Deputy Headteacher/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs P Stewart, Year 6 Teacher

Mrs C Wilkinson, Year 4 Teacher

Mrs J Rodgers - SLT, SENDCO, Year 1 Teacher

Miss L Down - SLT, Year 2 Teacher

Mrs J Mulla - School Business Manager/Clerk to Governors


Teaching Staff

Miss B Coles - Interim F2 Teacher

Miss R Duckworth - Year 1 Teacher (maternity leave)

Ms L Milburn - Year 1 Teacher 

Mrs J Rodgers - Year 1 Teacher/SENDCO

Miss L Down - Year 2 Teacher

Mr B Heard - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs C Wilksinson - Year 4 Teacher 

Mrs P Stewart - Year 5 Teacher

Miss S Webber - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs R Copland - KS2 PPA Teacher


Educational Support Team 

Miss B Latters - HLTA KS1 and Senior Playcare Worker

Miss E Smith - Teaching Assistant and PE Lead

Miss T Maloney - Teaching Assistant KS1 and Assistant Playcare Worker

Miss C Cowling - Teaching Assistant KS1 and Assistant Playcare Worker 

Miss G Paxford - Apprentice Teaching Assistant KS2

Miss T Quilty-Cooney - Teaching Assistant KS2

Miss R Ollerhead - Teaching Assistant KS2


Little Acorns

Miss C Cowling - Assistant Playcare Worker 

Miss L Doran - Assistant Playcare Worker

Mrs P Naylor - Assistant Playcare Worker

Miss T Maloney - Assistant Playcare Worker


Site Team 

Mr W Ross - Site Manager 

Mrs C Sanders - Cleaner

Mrs J Byrne - School Cook 

Mrs J Chapman - Kitchen Assistant 


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